Xamarin Forms DataTemplateSelector

In this post we are going to use a very simple example to understand completely about the use of DataTemplateSelectors

Example Model

For example, lets create a model related to Roles or Identities, based on this we're going to select a specific template to show

From here we can have a simple list initialization on our base class

So now we're going to link this property on the Main Page

Now you can see the issue of displaying a slightly different template for different types of classes.

Data Templates

This part will be fun at final product, on this case we're going to define just a simple template based on Collection View Content, so on ResourceDictionary of your Page, add a Data Template for each model type.


To select which template is going to be used we have to implement a DataTemplateSelector. In your app lets create a new class that inherits from DataTemplateSelector

Back on ResourceDictionary , add a simple resource detailing the UserTemplateSelector

CollectionView ItemTemplate

To get a collectionView or CarousellView to use the custom DataTemplateSelector, all we have to do now is assign it into the ItemTemplate Property

That's it, finally I'm going to leave here below the repo URL where you can find the complete example.

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